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Pooja and opening ceremony of the clinic by then deputy chief minister Dr Ashwathnarayan

Precise Homeopathy is a holistic health care clinic. We aim at providing the best results at affordable charges. We started our journey long back in 2010 with our first clinic, Shri Homeopathic Clinic in Belagavi Karnataka. Then from 2013 to 2018, we involve in various academic institutions and conducted research activities and studied different treatment methodologies and their outcome in numerous disease conditions and age groups. With 8 years of tireless research and studies, we understood how to bring rapid results with homeopathic treatment in all acute as well as chronic diseases.
              In 2019 we began our new journey by establishing a clinic in Maleeshwaram Bengaluru and to indicate our precise methodology of treating disease we named our new venture Precise Homeopathy. At our clinic, we give importance to accurate diagnosis, patient detailed case history (from childhood to till date), detailed analysis of the case and then preparation of tailored medicines for the patient. This structured and disciplined practice helps us to arrive at the exact homeopathic similimum which brings assured results in the shortest time. We dedicatedly work to release the stress of patients and never encourage fear games. We make sure when a patient walks out of the consultation room he has a smile on his face with confidence of recovery in the heart.
             Our services have helped more than 250 patients in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Goa, West Bengal, Delhi, and Tamil Nadu during the Covid-19 outbreak. Our precisely formulated Genus Epidemicus has saved many lives during covid pandemic. Our formulations helped many families to stay safe and protected from the deadly virus till the availability of vaccinations in the country. Our doctors travelled to various cities and hospitals and risked their life, stayed with the covid patients in the covid wards and recovered the patients where there were no ho
pes of recovery. 
             Precise Homeoapthy aims not only to provide treatment to the patient but we educate the patient and bring awareness to his family. We understand the importance of transparency in our treatment and billing so we never hesitate to answer the patient's queries. We can frankly say our doctors strive for the best medical practice and treat the disease in the shortest, safest and most holistic way.


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