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Our Doctors


Dr Suraj B. Shinde

BHMS, MSc Medical microbiology

Precise Homeopathy is a ray of hope to all those who want to connect with us and lead a healthy and peaceful life.

Due to present lifestyle and food habits, people are facing lot many health issues especially incurable autoimmune diseases.

At Precise Homeopathy, we assist you with lifestyle restructuring, nutrition, disease-specified exercise, and many more.

Join us to create a healthy society.
"visit once and feel the change".


Choose Homeopathy treatment with us, not just to cure your disease but to change your life.
Yes, we have brought positivity to the life of many patients with the practice of constitutional Homeopathy.
"come to us for a better life"

Dr Rekha S. Shinde

BHMS, MD Medicine(Homeopathy)


  1. Treated more than 250 patients of covid-19 successfully with Homeopathic medicines and patients have recovered in a span of just 3-4 days.

  2. Achieved complete cure in treating autoimmune Hypothyroidism and all other types of thyroid problems in about 90+ cases. 

  3. Excellent results are given in the cases of PCOD and hormone-related problems in 35+ patients.

  4. More than 10 patients have recovered completely from autoimmune conditions like psoriasis.

  5. Successfully treated 1 case of hepatocellular cancer.

  6. We have successfully given results in 30 pediatric cases of asthma, developmental problems, ADHD, and many other conditions.

  7. More than 40+ patients have recovered from conditions like piles.

  8. We have achieved successful results in treating type 1 diabetes.

  9. We have excellent results in cases of vitiligo and more than 10 patients are benefited from our treatment.

  10. Secondary complications of diabetes like gangrene and diabetic foot ulcers have completely recovered with our treatment and have avoided surgery and saved their foot from amputation.

  11. We have excellent results in more than 15 cases of varicose veins and patients have avoided surgery and other complication with our treatment.

  12. Achieved excellent results 20+ cases of kidney stones and gallstones.

  13. Successfully treated a case of genetic disorder, Hirschsprung's disease.

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