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Do You Feel To Hangout? It Means Your Memory Is Full.

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Mind at peace is the key to all your ailments related to health. We are either occupied by ourselves or something makes us occupied and we lose our mental peace. Every individual needs some personal space where he can feel comfortable and relax. We are too occupied these days that we require another occupation to make us feel relaxed or gain our mental space. You must have observed this kind of behaviour in your families like females engage in a lot of devotion towards god to feel themselves relax, likewise some people keep on watching TV for long hours, some sleep on weekends for a long time and these all behaviour is where they are trying to find out some personal mental space.

What do you mean by mental space?

Mental space is the part of the time that will give a break to the thought process in the mind and help our brain regain its potential. In short, you can call the time-space where your brain gets revitalised.

Here I have some easy tips for you to gain personal mental space. A short time energy booster to our brain which even I do follow in my daily routine. If you know it already then it is just a reminder

1. Cutoff

In this present time of advanced technology, we are surrounded by machines that force us to be occupied with them even though we do not wish to. So here cut off means a 30 minutes cutoff from the mobile daily before going to your bed and after getting up from the bed. Here cutoff means to be away from the noise around you. Noise is generated from the news, opinions and social media which is surrounding us and it is very hard to turn it off. So to turn it off many a time we get engaged in other compulsory activities or noise and fail to gain what we want to gain. To make it possible best is to get in conversation with your loved ones and your family and talk a bit of what is going on in your mind, just speak it out or I say vomit it out what is going on in your mind, don't care what others may think. Become a kid with your kids and create a comfort zone for everyone around you.

2. Except for your limit- you cant be the master of all

It is not mandatory to know everything about everything which is around you or you are concerned about. Do noton waste time on google to learn and understand everything. Go out and speak to the specialist of the concerned work and get it done. Don't be suspicious about everything and keep wasting time online. We are losing the art to judge the people around us and trust google instead. We believe google but fail to believe our friends and relatives. We debate with our friends and relatives after reading something on google. I want to say that we are becoming alone and losing contacts and people with this kind of behaviour.

3. Notification

Turn off the notification on your mobile, and do not allow apps to notify you now and then. Notification produces a great distraction and diverts you from your work. Notification consumes valuable time and makes us late or incomplete in the work we do. If not then keep your mobile with the screen down on the table instead of facing you. You can turn off the notification tone too.

4. Move Move Move

Walk run or move on around to activate healthy hormones that keep your mind and body in harmony. Normal hormonal secretion is hampered by a sedentary lifestyle which is a major cause of obesity and obesity is the mother of diseases. Walk daily for at least 45 mins/ 3km and burn a minimum of 300 kcal. If you get this point you will never meet a doctor in life for sure.

Delete all the unnecessary tasks you do daily and create a space where your mind can relax and regain.

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Dr Suraj B.Shinde

BHMS MSc Medical Microbiology

Consulting Homeopathic Physician



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