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Updated: May 31, 2023

Everyone wants to be slim trim and fit and try to find out many ways to lose weight, some are difficult with no side effects and some are easy but with side effects. There is none which is easy and with no side effects. You can lose weight with some ready-made medicines or supplements available on the market, but here I am not telling you the effects and side effects of these supplements. Instead, I want to tell you the simplest way to maintain weight and lose weight. This article is not for those who want to gain weight.

Now you are curious to know the simplest way to lose weight and this is what you were in search of. Yes, I can guarantee that if you follow the instruction I have given below you will lose a minimum of 10kg in one year. I think that is sufficient for everyone who can't afford to give time for a workout every day. You will be appreciated by everyone, you can fit in the dress you love, you can feel comfort in moving about and you will feel more energetic. Here I am mentioning a general idea in which everyone can fit. To be specific with the solution to your problem on this platform is impossible.

How to maintain the present weight?

To maintain the weight which you are holding now, you should know what to eat? How to eat? How much to eat? & How much to drink water? I will help you with this all questions.

Being a human being you should know what to eat because even animal knows what to eat and what to avoid. It is not rocket science here to know what to eat. Simply don't crack your head in understanding what is good and what is not good to eat on google. GOOD NEWS, you can eat all food items cooked based on Indian recipes. What does this mean? It means that every food cooked in an Indian kitchen traditionally & seasonally is good for the health. I don't mean that fast food, restaurant food or street food is bad. The important thing here is that eat whatever you want but after eating you should digest it easily and the food you have eaten should not drain you out or create discomfort after eating and feel difficult to digest that food. If any foodstuffs create discomfort after eating then avoid eating them next time. Repeatedly eating foodstuffs that create problems with your digestion will land you up in chronic digestive problems which may be irreversible.

Now, How to eat? Eat-in a peaceful manner. This means that when you eat your food please give sufficient time for your body to digest the food. When you start chewing your food the glands in your mouth and throat will secrete saliva which moistens the food and also some chemicals in the saliva will break down or digest the starch (carbohydrate-containing food like potato, rice bread and many more) in the mouth itself. Saliva secretion begins with the sight and smell of food and is commonly called watering of the mouth by the sight of food. Now you can imagine what can happen with the people who chew tobacco and waste all the saliva by spitting it out and with those people who smoke with pride and style but burn and damage the glands in their mouth. So the constant irritation of the cells in the mouth can cause cancer too. So eat your food cautiously slowly and with ease so that it is broken down into smaller portions and digestion which should take place in the mouth is completed.

How much to eat?

Almost everyone has understood the meaning of DIET wrongly. It is understood that diet means to eat less or to restrict food with more calories. Actually, DIET means to eat food that is rich in vitamins, minerals and salts. So here I refer, How much to eat to diet and not to the quantity to eat because every person has his own required quantity and that cannot be generalised. Only regarding quantity, I can say that never eat stomach full always keep at least 15% of your stomach empty. Don't keep on calculating just stop eating when you have eaten enough and your tongue desires more. Make things simpler and easily applicable in day-to-day life. Give importance to the quality of food you eat than the quantity you eat. Increase the quantity of vegetables (cooked or raw) on your plate than Rice or Rotis. Prefer cooking vegetables only 70%, and never overcook them. Keep in mind your weight starts increasing when you make a habit of eating more than required. If you can regulate the exact quantity required then you will never gain weight, if not possible consult any dietician and understand your requirement.

How much to drink water? The quantity of water required is directly proportional to your thirst. It means that how much you feel thirsty drink only that quantity of water. It is not mandatory to drink 3ltrs per day or 4 ltrs per day. When the fingerprint of every individual is different than how come the thirst is the same for all. When you drink water touch the glass to your mouth and drink sip by sip so that it moistens your mouth, remember to close your eyes when you drink water. When you feel thirsty the thirst is not only in the mouth or throat, every cell of your body is thirsty. When you drink peacefully and sip by sip the signal reaches every cell of your body and your thirst is satisfied completely. Avoid drinking water for the sake of drinking it is not advisable.

How to lose weight easily?

It is easy to lose weight, you have to follow all the above-mentioned points or make yourself habituated to it and along with that, you have to follow another two major points. Understand first thing that eating will not make you fat or obese but not burning the extra calories that you have consumed will surely make you fat. Do not worry I will not advise you on any exercise or workout to do that. Eating food is our physiology, which means our natural behaviour to fulfil the energy requirement of every individual. Try to understand what I want to say. We eat to gain energy and we need the energy for two kinds of activities, physical and mental. The energy requirement is fulfilled from glucose and glucose is obtained from the digestion of various foodstuff and fat(stored in our body). So when energy requirement and energy spent are the same level there is no harm but when the energy requirement is high and you eat less or energy spent is low and you eat more the glucose is converted into fat and stored in the body. This is how you gain weight. You just need to maintain a balance between energy gain and energy spent so you need to know how much energy you require per day. Similarly, you also need to spend energy and that is both physically and mentally. The easy and best way to burn energy physically is walking and walking helps us to burn calories. So if you want to lose weight start walking and which is the healthiest thing that we can do easily. My advice is to walk 3km per day which burns a minimum of 300 kcal.

Secondly, track what you eat for 1 month (you get many apps to do this) and take an average of calories that you consume, now, for example, your average is 1500 kcal per day then to lose weight eat 1400 kcal per day(eat what you want it should not cross 1400kcal) and burn 300 kcal per day by walking so that your total calorie intake comes to 1100 kcal per day. If you do this I can guarantee that you can lose 1.5kg per month and what else do you want, it's 18 kg of weight loss in 1 year. Can you imagine how simple is this and how beautiful and fit you look after 1year? Once you attain this then you plan to get in shape. Never start a gym to lose weight in the initial stages it will be very hard to do and you will simply waste your money time and energy with no gain.

Now the second thing is to achieve 1400 kcal ( this calculation suits 80 kg person with 28 BMI) consumption per day easily. In order to do this change your eating pattern to a reverse pyramid. Let's understand the pyramid first, we eat breakfast of average of 300 kcal, lunch of 600 kcal evening tea of 100 kcal and dinner of 700 kcal. To change your eating patterns to reverse pyramid you have to reverse this eating pattern. You have to eat breakfast of 500 kcal, morning snacks of 100 kcal, lunch of 400 kcal evening snacks of 200 and dinner of 100-200 kcal. Simply it means a large meal in the morning half the quantity in the lunch and half the quantity of lunch for dinner.

I have tried my level best to make it as simple as I can and hope you have understood what I wanted to convey. I think this is the simplest and easiest way to lose weight and get fit day by day. The calculation given are not particular to any weight category and do not apply it as it is. First, calculate your calories both intake and burnt then follow the inverted pyramid pattern for taking your meals. I can understand each individual is different and require a personalised plan but here I have tried to make it generalised so that at least you can stay fit and fine.


Dr Suraj B.Shinde

BHMS MSc Medical Microbiology

Consulting Homoeopathic Physician


Contact-9353921568 (For personal diet plan and guidance)

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