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Homoeopathy-Fact Check

You must have read and heard about Homoeopathy but maybe still confused about whether Homoeopathy is suitable for you and can it cure your disease?

Let me help you understand it well stepwise.


  1. Homoeopathy is not scientific.

  2. Homoeopathy has side effects.

  3. Homoeopathy and Ayurveda are the same and use the same medicines.

  4. Homoeopathy is only good for allergic conditions.

  5. Homoeopathy is slow to act.

  6. Homoeopathy is a placebo therapy.

  7. Homoeopathic medicines contain steroids.

  8. You need to follow many food restrictions while taking homoeopathic treatment.

  9. An investigation like an X-ray, blood test and other scanning is not required for homoeopathic treatment.

  10. Surgical conditions cannot be cured with homoeopathic medicines.

  11. Homoeopathy cannot be used for the treatment of acute diseases.

  12. Homoeopathic Doctors are not qualified doctors they are quacks.


1. Homoeopathy is a scientific system of medicine. The science is based on 7 cardinal principles of homoeopathy








According to the Homoeopathic system of medicines, it is believed that patients can be treated and cured based on fixed principles and not merely on speculations and theories made from time to time in the name of advancement(Allopathy). Homoeopathy believes the cure should be from within and not only the disappearance of the sign and symptoms so that there should not be a reoccurrence of the same disease or the patient land up with still more severe disease.

2. Homoeopathy is best suited for acute as well as chronic diseases. Acute conditions like pain and fever are best treated with homoeopathic medicines. The action of medicines starts within seconds and they do not require any digestion and assimilation process to come into action but this completely depends on the doctor who is treating the disease. So doctors can fail but homoeopathy never fails.

Homoeopathy can treat all kinds of surgical conditions and help to avoid surgeries but as I said before it all depends on the doctor. So always choose a well-experienced doctor for homoeopathic treatment(read my next blog to know how to choose a doctor).

3. Homoeopathic medicines are prepared from multiple sources like the animal kingdom, plant kingdom, mineral kingdom, nosodes, sarcodes & impondribelia. It may appear superficially resembling Ayurveda but the pharmacology is completely different.

The important concern you may have is that every medicine appears the same and it is sweet to taste. Homoeopathic medicines come in liquid form or medicated tablets or pill forms. So when you visit your doctor he gives you medicine in the form of round globules, tablets or powder form. The doctor usually purchases medicines in liquid form and stores them in their clinic as the medicines are manufactured against orders. Only a few common medicines are available in the pharmacy. Here the doctor adds a few drops of liquid medicine in globules and gives them to you.

This is how he practices the law of minimum while giving the medicines and so all medicines appear to be the same but the medicine content in them will be different.

4. Homoeopathic doctors are equally qualified as MBBS doctors. Homoeopathic doctors study medical courses for 5 and 1/2 years and all specialised subjects that an MBBS doctor studies. Presently Homoeopathic doctors have specialisation in 5 subjects after their graduation. Doctors get specialised in Organon, Materia Medica, Repertory, paediatrics and Medicine. It is only a matter of competition and insecurity the MBBS doctors call them quacks. A homoeopathic doctor is not educated in allopathic pharmacology, so some states in India have implemented a bridge course of pharmacology for homoeopathic doctors who want to practice allopathy.

5. It is observed that homoeopathy is the only system of medicine that can treat autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, vitiligo, psoriasis, thyroid disorders, Hirschsprung disease and many more. It does not mean that Homoeopathy cannot treat other disease conditions like surgical or immune disorders. Surgical conditions like gall stones, kidney stones, appendicitis, PCOS, endometrial tumours, varicose veins and many more are all treated and surgeries can be avoided with homoeopathic treatment. Yes, I say once again that it depends upon the doctor who treats.

To conclude I can say choose treatment wisely choose homoeopathy, choose Precise Homeopathy to choose life with happiness. Only a healthy individual can make a healthy society and a healthy society can make a healthy nation and all healthy individuals can make a better place to live for everyone.

Dr Suraj Shinde

BHMS, MSc Med Microbiology.

Consulting Homoeopathic physician



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