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Updated: May 31, 2023


It is a long-standing skin disease that causes skin cells to multiply 10 times faster than normal cells. It usually produces symptoms like severe itching, small tiny pustules, dry scaly skin and inflammation of the skin. It can be present in a single part of the body or may spread to the whole body. The cause is unknown.

Homoeopathy is the perfect solution and cures the disease permanently.

How to identify Psoriasis? Psoriasis commonly starts as a dry skin condition then it presents itself with itching specifically on the scalp, behind the ear, armpit, elbow joint, and groins. In most patients, it remains in one of the above-mentioned parts of the body. Some patients suffer severely from eruptions spread all over the body.

Psoriasis presently mainly with itching, dry scaling like dandruff, bleeding or sticky fluid after itching with red swollen inflamed skin. It is not contagious means it will not spread by touch, using common belongings or staying with the person. The disease is completely autoimmune and unless the immunity is rectified with homoeopathic medicines the disease is not cured. Any sort of external application gives only temporary relief and instead makes the disease more vulnerable.

When to take the treatment? As soon as you get confirmed that the skin eruption is psoriatic in nature either by consulting a dermatologist or a Homeopathic physician with the help of a skin biopsy you need to start the homoeopathic treatment.

It is observed that it takes time to cure the disease in patients who take treatment first at the dermatologist and then come to a homoeopathic physician. This happens because allopathic medicines act as immune blockers or soothing agents and suppress the disease. As soon as the medicines are stopped they undergo the withdrawal effect due to which the disease becomes more aggressive and difficult to cure.

The patient who prefers homoeopathic treatment immediately has shown good and rapid improvement with a complete cure.

(Testimonial video of a patient cured from piles)

Duration of treatment required? It depends on the spread of the disease and the previous addiction to medicines taken. Commonly it takes a minimum of 2 years to cure completely from within. Improvement begins from day 1 but to be without medication takes a time of 2 yrs.

Any side effects? Absolutely no side effects with Homoeopathy or not even dependency on medication so that no need to take it lifelong.

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