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Homeopathy is the scientific system of medicine that is based on the fixed principle of "Similia Similibus Curanter" which means like cures the like.

Homeopathy was founded and developed into a scientific system by Dr Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) a German physician, born in Meissen, Saxony, near Dresden.
Homeopathy as a therapeutic method is concerned primarily only with the derangement of the vital force of a living organism, which is represented by the sign & symptoms, irrespective of what caused them.
Vital force is nothing but the life force which initiates the life process and is responsible for the growth and development of an individual in a physical form.
Any alteration in the vital force caused by the dynamic action of external inimical forces and presenting itself in the form of signs and symptoms is a disease and not merely the pathological picture of the disease which is the end product of any disease.

The scope of Homoeopathy lies in its principle according to which the diseased individual should be treated and not the disease end product.
When the alteration of health at the dynamic level is treated the end products will disappear on their own leaving behind the healthy individual.

Individualization is another important factor on which Homeopathy shows its uniqueness. Every person is different and has been born with his own individualized mental and physical appearance, no two people are alike in this world.
So every individual receives the external inimical forces in his own way of perception and also reacts to them in his own way and so the physical symptoms also differ when studied in-depth at the emotional and sensational level.
In this way every individual is studied with his individualized characters about his mind and body and that peculiar totality is compared with medicines in Homoeopathic materia medica.
This has a similar manifestation when proved on a healthy individual, and that similimum remedy is given to the diseased individual which cures his disease of its root cause.

In Homeopathy human being as a whole is considered as a diseased individual and not in parts.
Individual as a whole is studied including his mind because according to Homoeopathy the disease is not localized in one part instead it’s the way out where the disease within is manifesting as a disturbance in the life force.
Treating only the localized symptoms will never cure the disease and it only palliates the disease, this, in turn, deviates the disease towards another part of the body and produce a new complicated disease.

The best part of Homeopathy is its medicines are proven on healthy individuals and not on lower animals. The reason behind it is that every diseased individual has objective and subjective symptoms.
The objective symptoms are those which are noticed by the family & friends of the patient and observed by the physician, the subjective symptoms are those which the patient himself experiences.
This is very much important because there is no comparison between humans and animals as animals cannot give their subjective symptoms and which is a limitation to study the drug action.
To treat any disease, it is very important to understand what an individual feels and thinks when diseased and not to administer the medicines on fixed symptomatology laid down in medical books that are the same in each disease for every individual.

Homeopathic medicines are derived from natural sources and do not contain any kind of chemicals that harm the human body.
Medicines are prepared by the process of trituration and succussion and potentization which eliminates the harmful effects of the drug and removes the unmedicinal elements from the source of the drug.
Homeopathic medicines are administered in qualitative forms and not in quantitative forms, due to which there are no adverse effects of medicines noticed in individuals under treatment.
The medicinal quality of every drug is obtained in its pure and natural form without altering its quality and is administered to the patient in the minutest form which brings rapid changes in the patient’s disease and also restores the health in the shortest span of time.

Homeopathic medicines when administered to a diseased individual have the capacity to act specifically where there is a pathological manifestation of the disease and where the cause of the disease originates.
The action of homeopathic medicine is directed only towards the disease at the dynamic level and its presentation at the physical level due to which the other healthy organs of the body are not disturbed or deranged from their healthy state.
Homeopathic medicines are completely safe and free from adverse effects when administered homoeopathically.

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