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Unlocking the healing powers of Nature at Precise Homeopathy

           Homoeopathy is the scientific system of medicine based on fixed principles which do not change over time. Dr Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann developed this system of medicine more than 200 years ago. 
                   Today Homeopathy is the world's 2nd most popular medicine and its acceptance is rapidly growing because of its efficacy and scientific developments in the last two decades. In India, more than 100 million people solely depend on for their healthcare on homeopathy. Now stop your search for the best homeopathic clinic near me or homeopathic doctor near me and get the best homeopathic treatment from a good experienced homeopathic doctor at Precise Homeopathy one of the leading homeopathic clinic in Bangalore. Your search for best homeopathic doctor Bangalore ends here contact us now.

FEES RANGE: 1000 TO 1400 per month, including 1 month of medicines


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  In the year 2013 couple, Dr Rekha and Dr Suraj faced a tragedic situation when their own son was in ICU for 15 days with respiratory illness and no chance of recovery. In this situation, Homeopathy helped them bring their son back from the deathbed. This was the turning point in their life where they found the deficit in the modern system of medicine and decided that they would work for homoeopathy and make this holistic and efficient treatment more accessible to all classes of people. This gave birth to Precise Homeopathy, where we are continuously working to bring the best out of homeopathy and give its benefits to humanity.            
At Precise Homeopathy we believe in the exactness of Homeopathy treatment and finding the sharply defined and minutely confirmed constitutional medicines.
We say that the disease should be cured from within and not merely suppressed or soothed with temporarily acting medicines.
So that the patients are relieved from the pain of their disease in a very short span of time and result in a safe, gentle, and permanent cure for the disease.

dr rekha s shinde chairman

Dr. Rekha S. Shinde

Chairman and Managing Director

            It was my dream as a child to join the noble profession, become a doctor and serve humanity. To treat suffering people with homeopahty and give them relief in the shortest possible time is my passion and I thrive for the betterment of health for people. It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction for choosing homeopathy as my profession. With my clinical experience, I can firmly say only homeopathy can bring health and happiness to people's life. 
               Now with a zeal to make this holistic treatment easily accessible to a broader section of society, we are expanding our services to different locations in Bengaluru. We have come up with India’s first digital Homeopathic clinic where you can consult us from any location. This idea of a digital clinic makes our best treatment available in your own locality and you can avail treatment from Dr Rekha & Dr Suraj from your locality which will save you travel, time, and money. Our intention is to provide you best health care without compromising the quality of treatment. Choose homeopathy choose life.

A surgical case of Piles with symptoms of bleeding and severe pain recovered within a week's time and was completely relieved from the pain of the disease in 2 months. Homeopathy has the power to treat all disease conditions but it depends upon the Doctor's knowledge and experience on how he utilises this medicinal power in relieving a patient's pain & suffering.

A chronic case of Rheumatoid Arthritis suffering from pain and deformity for more than 5 years was cured from within, in just a span of 12 months. Rheumatoid Arthritis is a disease condition in which there is intolerable pain & deformity of small joints. This condition is called incurable and told that there is no treatment for this disease, but Homeopathy has the treatment as well as assured complete recovery from the condition but as we said it solely depends upon the physician's knowledge and experience.

Testimonial of the patient who benefited from our diabetes reversal program. The patient was suffering from diabetes for many years and registered for a diabetes reversal program and got results in just 6 months. Diabetes is a lifestyle disorder and it is possible to reverse the disease condition with our precise treatment. Our treatment has no side effects and is holistic in its approach.

A female patient suffering from a rare but serious skin disease called prurigo nodularis had tried all kinds of treatment from various doctors and dermatologists with no improvement. Our classical homeopathic treatment helped her to recover in the span of 3-4 months. We recommend homeopathic treatment for any skin disease for its complete recovery and no reoccurrence.

Our Treatments

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asthma and allergy clinic near me treated by asthma and allergy specialists at precise homeopathy in bengaluru.
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Our Doctors

dr suraj b shinde, homeopathic doctor at precise homeopathy providing homeopathic treatment and homeopathy medicines to patients.

Dr. Suraj B. Shinde

BHMS, MSc Medical Microbiology

dr rekha s shinde, homeopathic doctor at precise homeopathy providing homeopathic treatment and homeopathy medicines to patients.

Dr. Rekha S. Shinde

BHMS, MD Medicine(Homeopathy)


Best doctor I have visited so far. Dr Rekha listens patiently and clears all the questions. She tries to know patient's root cause of the disease and gives medicine accordingly. I have been getting treatment for PCOD and Keratoconus since few months and I can see the fair results compared to Allopathy medicines. I highly recommend Dr.Rekha to everyone. At times I have spent more than an hour explaining my condition and I did not even an ounce of irritation/annoyance. She is always calm and composed and hears you entirely before suggesting medication, which is lacking in the newer generation of doctors. Dr.Rekha is very patient and studies your entire history first. She always makes me feel comfortable and gives me the confidence Highly recommended clinic for any homeopathic treatment

Aishwarya Vishwanath



#116/6, 11th Cross Rd Beside Union Bank, And, opposite to Kalyan Jewellers , Bengaluru, Karnataka 560003 

Malleshwaram Timings

Monday to Saturday: 10 AM – 8 PM
Sunday: 11 AM - 3 PM


#738, 30th B crossroad, East End Main road, 4th T Block, opposite Carmel convent school, Jayanagar 560041

Jayanagar Timings

Monday to Saturday: 10 AM – 9 PM
Sunday: 11 AM - 3 PM


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